Landmark Dental Care

J. Peter Thomson, D.D.S


125 Queen Street, Truro, NS


Our office is located in the heart of Truro in a Victorian Queen Anne style centre home. We are a family general dental practice. Restorative dentistry is a special area of interest. The practice was originally developed by Dr. Gordon Kenney in 1974 on Young Street and moved his office to the present location on 125 Queen Street. Upon Dr. Kenney’s retirement in 1994, the practice was then taken over by Dr. John Gourley. Dr. Gourley had a very unfortunate accident being hit by a motor vehicle in July 1996. This precipitated in the transfer of the practice including two of Dr. Gourley’s staff (formerly Dr. Kenney’s) Sheila Allan & Sharron Ryan, to Dr. Thomson who has continued to present, still at 123 Queen Street. Since 1997, we have created a hygiene department, modernized our equipment, and expanded out facility to a comfortable and state-of-the-art Dental Office.

Mission statement

Our mission is to provide the highest quality dental care to our patients in a comfortable, professional and friendly environment. In doing so, excellent quality treatment along with superior patient service will result. We are committed to the long term dental and oral health of our patients. Patient’s function, esthetics and satisfaction are all paramount. Our office utilizes leading edge technology and is committed to continuing education for all team members to achieve these goals and to be leaders in their professions.



  1. We encourage ideas for improvement from every individual in the office.
  2. We have a passion for quality and excellence; discouraging negativity and mediocrity.
  3. We embrace change and do not fear it because we view it as an opportunity to improve.
  4. We consider problems as challenges to find more creative solutions.
  5. To achieve excellence means everyone in the office has to continuously enhance their skills.
  6. As individuals, we value mutual trust and respect, realizing that integrity is the foundation for both.
  7. We use technology to maximize our effectiveness and to provide value to our patients. It allows us to be complete and accurate.